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Welcome to the website of the Europa Master Association – Dijon Opole Mainz, or short EMA-DOM: the students’ association for the trinational Europa Master programme. The association was founded in April 2015, on the initiative of the first students of Europa Master.

EMA-DOM has been designed as a means for current and former Europa Master students to get in contact with students from other promotions. It is the roof under which all Europa Master students and alumni can gather, go on a study trip, leave behind the study stress and discover Polish, German, French and European culture! 


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What is Europa Master?


The Europa Master programme is a trinational Master’s degree in European Studies that has been launched by the Uniwersytet Opolski, the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and the Université de Bourgogne. Students from Poland, Germany and France have the opportunity to study together in each of the three countries of the Weimar Triangle. If you wish to know more about the programme and how to apply, please check the Universities’ homepages.

EMA-DOM is an association created and managed entirely by students and for students of Europa Master.

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Our Goals

Helping the Europa Master Students

Creating a Network of Current and Former Students

Because Europa Master students travel from city to city every semester, they rarely have the chance to meet students from other promotions. It is one of EMA-DOM’s goals to create opportunities for Europa Master students from different generations to connect and get to know each other. Moreover, EMA-DOM serves as a platform for Europa Master graduates to stay in touch with their fellow students and up to date on the development of the Europa Master programme. By bringing current and former students together, EMA-DOM wants to create a solidarity network for the students of Europa Master.

Offering Cultural and Academic Activities

The Europa Master experience should not end at the doors of university classrooms! This is why EMA-DOM wants to give current and former students the opportunity to develop and organise their own cultural and educational activities. From discovering the regions of Opole, Rheinland-Pfalz and Bourgogne to going on study trips to the capitals of the Weimar Triangle, from visiting the European institutions to offering training activities on study-related topics - EMA-DOM supports the students in realising their ideas and initiatives.


Promoting the Europa Master Programme

EMA-DOM contributes to spreading the word about the Europa Master degree and to making it known across Europe. Our activities in the field of promoting Europa Master complement, on a social and personal level, the formal promotion done by the universities. We present the Master on social media platforms, organise people to people exchanges and study trips that are open to other students as well..


Meet the Board

Caroline Godard
Alumni of the 3rd generation of Europa Master, Caroline studied a Bachelor's degree in “Applied foreign languages” before entering the trinational programme. Besides being a competitive runner, she is dedicated to the French-German friendship and committed to gender equality. Caroline became a member of EMA DOM's board in January 2019 and is always ready to go on a new adventure!
Francisco Herrera Rivadeneira
Francisco, from the very beginning of his Europa Master studies, decided to become a member of the Board. As a very friendly, charming, and gregarious person, he became like a soul of the 5th generation group. He has many ideas and great experience in many other projects, which goes without saying that he knows how to improve the programme by making it even more interesting and adventurous.
Helena Jestin
New co-treasurer of EMA DOM’s board since January 2021, Helena is an alumni student from the 5th generation. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws and an LLM from the University of Mainz. Helena is involved in the French-German relations and European affairs. She also loves to travel and is always up for new friendships and parties.
Stefan Metzdorf
Student of the 8th generation, Stefan is a convinced European and who strongly appreciates the intercultural aspect of the Europa Master program, both within the program and with the alumni. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he joined the EMA-DOM board in January 2021 and is committed to promote the unique structure and opportunities of the program.
Nataliya Machalina
Nataliya is a student from the 8th generation A highly-motivated and enthousiastic person, she has joined the board in January 2021 and contributes to develop the social media strategy of the association.

Gabriel Beauvallet-Bauchet
Gabriel is a student from the 8th generation. He has long been passionate about the European Union in its multiple aspects. That’s why after having gained a Bachelor in Linguistics and another in European Law and Politics, he joined the Europa Master programme. Being also a professional musician besides his studies, he wants to put his creativity and sense of organisation at the service of the association.

Luisa Lagoda
Having graduated from a Bachelor in Intercultural Social Sciences, Luisa decided to take her interests in interculturality to a new level and started studying the Europa Master in 2020. Soon after, she also joined the EMA DOM Board in January 2021. She has been active in other associations for the last 10 years and is eager to bring her experience and skills to the board. She loves to make friends, drink good coffee, and visit her favorite European City: Budapest, as often as time allows.

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