Meet the Board

Meet the Board


President: Helena Jestin

Member of EMA DOM’s board since January 2021, Helena is an alumni student from the 5th generation. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and an LLM from the University of Mainz. Helena is involved in the French-German relations and European affairs. She also loves to travel and is always up   for new friendships and parties.

Vice-President: Luisa Lagoda

Having graduated from a Bachelor in Intercultural Social Sciences, Luisa decided to take her interests in interculturality to a new level and started studying the Europa Master in 2020. Soon after, she also joined the EMA DOM Board in January 2021. She has been active in other associations for the last 10 years and is eager to bring her experience and skills to the board. She loved to make friends, drink good coffee, and visit her favorite European City: Budapest, as often as time allows.

Treasurer: Stefan Metzdorf

Student of the 8th generation, Stefan is a convinced European and who strongly appreciates the intercultural aspect of the Europa Master program, both within the program and with the alumni. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he joined the EMA-DOM board in January 2021 and is committed to promote the unique structure and opportunities of the program.

Vice-Treasurer: Maria Harutyunyan

Member of EMA DOM’s board since January 2022, Maria is a student from the 8th generation. Her interests and her political engagement are based in local politics associations where she takes the responsibility to actively progress changes in her city and region of heritage. Since her youth Maria is member of Party in the german SPD. Holding a bachelor in Political Science and Public Law she has great motivation to promote the benefits of EMA-DOM.

Secretary: Nataliya Machalina

Nataliya is a student form the 8th generation. As a highly motivated and enthusiastic person, she has joined the board in January 2021 and contributes to develop the social media strategy of the association. Nataliya is currently our Secretary and will change her position after a half year of election. She will then be our Vice-President while Luisa will take over the position as Secretary.    

Secretary: David Gussen  

After graduating with a Bachelor in Latin American Studies, David started the Europa Master in 2021, becoming a member of the 9th generation. He is interested in international politics, listens non-stop to podcasts and likes good coffee. David joined the board of EMA-DOM in January 2022, continuing a long-lasting involvement in pan-european students associations.


   Secretary: Lucille Carette 

As part of the 8th generation of Europa Master, Lucille joined the board in January 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Montpellier and wished to pursue european law after.  Lucille is motivated to promote and share the values of the Europa Master through the association.